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Marketing Strategy and Tactics

As a Creative and de-facto Marketing Director, I not only develop the marketing strategy and tactics, but concept and execute the creative that supports the plan.


– Marketing Ad Plan

I created a simple Marketing Plan for MediaWhiz that focused and reaching B2B markets and relied heavily on this three-segment Ad Plan by vertical, agency, and client.

– Lunch & Learn Program

This promotion to learn more about our services at a hosted lunch was delivered to key potential clients via a custom created personal-size pizza box. Inside the box was a round die-cut card with details about the offering.

Condé Nast/Fairchild

Developed themes for advertiser programs with the Associate Publisher and Publisher of each property.
Programs would leverage industry tie-ins, partnerships, and feature an editorial component.

VentureDirect Worldwide

– Webinar

Produced, designed and moderated this Webinar for VDW’s List Services Group. Promoting the dollars hidden in advertisers databases.